Participatory Budgeting

Why are we doing a participatory budget?

One of our equity guidelines says that we will have a transparent and participatory budgeting process. We have studied how other communities have used participatory budgeting to create equity and engage more of the community. In particular, we have been inspired by St. Louis RECAST. We have invited community members with lived expertise to join us in budgeting CAN's money for initiatives this year. These community members are Delegates.

The CAN Delegation

Briana Mendoza

Delia Jovel

Blanca Diaz

Monica Paniagua

Marisol Correa Barbosa

Sunday Shae Parker

Crystal Cauley

Harry Fleischer

Ronnie Pepper

Roxanne Pepper

Lyudmila Petrovna Ledford

Xzavier Jacobs

Josh Thompson

Doris Valentine

How's it going?

Meeting 1: CAN Fare, a meet and greet for the Delegation

CANFare was convened on May 23 at Hola Carolina. We took the time to learn more about one another and explore why we want to work together to create a participatory budget.

Meeting 2: World Cafe, June 13

Cafe discussion: What makes us feel nourished and strong?

Delegates generated powerful ideas for creating a community where we can all feel nourish and strong.

Cafe harvest: What ideas do we have in common about creating a community where we can feel nourished and strong?

Delegates focused on our common assets and the power of community for creating a healthy Henderson County.

Participatory Budgeting Working Group

Meets every other Thursday from 1pm to 2pm via zoom.

Register here to join the meeting. All are welcome.

Members of the working group

Kelly Hart, Smartstart Partnership for Children

Samantha Jamison, Smartstart Partnership for Children

Sarah Kowalak, United Way of Henderson County

Milton Butterworth, Pardee UNC Healthcare

Betsy Tankersley, Henderson County Cooperative Extension

Joe Brittain, Mills River Farm Market

Linda Brittain, Mills River Farm Market